Fresh Movies from the site

Fresh MoviesMovie Berry is a great site for inspiration, there are lots of movies, TV shows and menus on the homepage to help you browse through their site with ease. One feature I particularly love about this site is their new movies section, named 'Movies Fresh'.

It is regularly updated with new movies that have been released or added to the site, so the homepage always looks fresh and up-to-date.

Head over to Movie Berry now to see what's new and start downloading movies for as little as $1.00 each.

Movies and TV Shows in HD

HD MoviesMovie Berry offer loads of films and TV shows on their site, but if you're a real movie fan,the only number that will mean anything to you is how many movies are in High Definition.

Movie Berry do not offer all their films and shows in HD yet, but they are adding bits and pieces to their library all the time! It is ever on the increase. But to save you time and effort crawling the site for which movies are in HD, Movie Berry have made it really easy for their users to get to all the HD movies in one place. Just click on the HD Movies menu on the site and you're off.

All the HD movies that they have available to you are there to be downloaded.They are a little more expensive than their normal iPod size movies, at $3.00 each, but compare this to iTunes and you've still got a really cheap site with loads of choice!

Head over to Movie Berry now to start downloading some great HD movies.

Popular Actors & Just Added

Popular ActorsMovie Berry's homepage is packed with loads of great features, such as Fresh Movies, Movies by Genre and loads more.

A great section is the 'Popular Actors' page that is on the right hand side of the site. This lists all the actors that are being searched for on the site the most. Clicking on the name of the actor will take you to the 'actors page' where you can see their filmography and download their movies. Each movie also has related movies too, so it's very easy to get lost in this site.

The site also has a Just Added section, which is full of movies that have just been added to the site for you to download. This isn't always new movies, Movie Berry are adding some from years ago as well! They are still a fairly new site and as such as constantly growing!

Check out Movie Berry now to see what unexpected movies you can download.

More Movies than you can handle

Movie CountMovie Berry has a massive selection on movies and TV shows for it's customers to download and it is constantly on the increase too which is nice.

You can currently get from these guy over 5,700 Movies, 220 TV Shows and a massive 17,770 episodes! So you're never going to be stuck for what to download from this site! And with so much choice, there is something for everyone.

The sites design is great too, it allows you to move through movies and films that you would never have even thought of. You really can get lost using Movie Berry, so make sure you have food and water supplies before you dive into the world that is Movie Berry.

What is MovieBerry?

MovieBerry LogoWell, if you've read my intro text  way up there, you will kind of know. But for those who have stumbled across this by accident, here is a quick run down:

MovieBerry is a movie download site. Not sure what berries have to do with downloading films, but this is the sister-site of the all-mighty MP3 Panda, so what do I know eh? Berries, Pandas, it all good! Whatever silly name they call it, it's a really fab site to get movies from. And best of all, it's cheap! And I'm a cheap bird so as you can imagine, I'm a happy chappy! On a more serious note, however, movies are very very cheap, with iPod size/quality movies costing just $1.00 each. And you don't have to add money to your MovieBerry account to try them out either, they give you one whole dollar when you register, which is free to do, so you can try out their service. And boy is it a good service!

They have loads of movies to pick from, over 5,200 to be more precise. So what's the con here I hear you ask? Movies may be $1.00 each, but in order to get a movie for a dollar, the site has a minimum top up amount which you must deposit in order to download films. And this minimum is fair, I think, at $20.00. It doesn't expire, it doesn't have to be used up by a certain date, and the only thing that can reduce this balance is you when you download movies. There are no hidden charges. You put on $20.00, you can download 20 iPod films.

So why are you still here reading this boring post? Get over to MovieBerry now to pick up your free trial movie!