Get a FREE movie from the site

Free MovieTo get yourself a free movie from MovieBerry, you first need to register, which is free to do.

Once you've registered, you'll have $1.00 in your MovieBerry account that you can use to buy one iPod sized movie with. And it can be any movie you wish from the site, so happy downloading!

Offers, Bonuses and Free Credit

MovieBerry has a minimum top up of $20.00. This applies each time you want to add more funds to your account. However, if you're willing to top up a little more than the minimum, you can get yourself some free credit added to your balance. So what can you get:

Topping up $30.00 gets you a 10% Bonus (that's an additional $3.00) 
Topping up $50.00 gets you a 20% Bonus (that's an additional $10.00)
Topping up $100.00 gets you a 30% Bonus (that's an additional $30.00)

Head over to MovieBerry now to get yourself some free credit.

What's everyone downloading?

Visitors ChoiceMovieBerry has got one more great feature I love, and that's the visitor's choice section on the site.

This area includes all the movies that everyone visiting MovieBerry has downloaded, including their rating, what formats they are available in and what year the movie was released.

Another fantastic part of the MovieBerry site, if you're after something new, what to know what's popular or just want to browse what movies are out these days, this is the site for you.

More movies added, old and new

Just AddedMovieBerry has got loads of features on the homepage of the site, and just one more great feature is the 'Just Added' section.

This lists all movies that they have recently added to their movie library. This includes old and new movies, and shows that their site is not only kept up to date, but is constantly growing. This site is getting better and better, so keep an eye out for new improvements and updates here.

What do you think?

OpinionsMovie Berry is not only a great place to download cheap movies from, it's also a great place to talk about movies.

Every movie on the site has a users comments section, where you can tell the world, or anyone on the site to be more precise, what you thought of it and anything else you want to say about it.

These comments are published on the Movie Berry homepage, so be careful what you say! Head over to the site now to let off some steam or declare your love for a movie you've seen recently!