MovieBerry Logo on Movies

I've had lots of enquiries about the MovieBerry logo that appears at the bottom of the screen on movies downloaded from the site.

The logo appears at the start of some films, but will be there for no more than a minute and a half of the movie. It will be gone before the credits are over in most cases.

If the logo is a problem, try out ZML instead. The site offers a monthly subscription movie download service, so it's not suitable for everyone, but none of the movies have a logo on. Read all about ZML here: ZML Review.

Watch Movies Online

If you want to watch movies online rather than downloading them, MovieBerry is the site for you. You can watch movies online legally and safely on the MovieBerry site.

For up to 50¢ per movie, you can watch any movie on the site, online. The lower quality, the cheaper the movie is to watch.

If you would rather download and keep the movie, the are just $1.00 each for the iPod sized ones, so it might be better to buy them in some cases.

Go to MovieBerry to see if there is a film you want to watch or download now.

Movie Count Update

MovieBerry is getting bigger and better all time. There are now over 7,860 movies on the site to browse and download, so you're a bit spoilt for choice! You're more than likely to find something here you have to download!

Head over to MovieBerry to take a look for yourself.

Want to know more?

MovieBerry has a very good F.A.Q section, where you can find out everything you want to know.

If something isn't covered in this site, or you just want to read it to find out what's what for yourself, it's worth checking it out.

Visit the F.A.Q here and remember, if you're not registered with MovieBerry, it's free to do and you can download a free movie once you've done so.

Fresh TV Series

MovieBerry don't just offer films, they are much more than just a movie site.

You can get TV shows, Kids shows, Documentaries, Comedy shows, Animations and all sorts! And with movies starting at just $1 each, there really is no reason to not at least check out the site.

Click here to see what you can get from MovieBerry.