Bruce Willis Birthday Movies

MovieBerry has shaken things up lately, with a a whole bunch of new movies being added to their library and from today through March 21st, they are offering 30% of all of Bruce Willis's movies!

That's more movies than we realized, he's been around for a while. The offer includes great movies like Pulp Fiction, Sin City, The Sixth Sense, Die Hard, Moonrise Kingdom, Twelve Monkeys, Grindhouse, Lucky Number Slevin, Looper and loads loads more.

So if you love your Bruce Willis movies, now is the time to download, download, download!

Goodbye Monthly Payments!

MovieBerry has said good-bye to it's monthly payment system and brought back to the old top-up system.

This means that instead of downloading an unlimited number of movies for a fixed fee a month, you can now top up money onto your account when you want to and use it when you want to. It never expires and it can be used for all types and qualities of movies. So how much are movies now?

HD movies cost $3.90, High-Quality DivX movies cost $2.60, DivX movies cost $1.95 and iPod movies will cost just $1.30.

There is a minimum top up amount however, and that is $29.95. This applies each and everytime you want to add more money to your account.

Visit MovieBerry now to start downloading movies!

MovieBerry's Music Deal

MovieBerry are offering a special deal for a few days only, where you can download 10 albums for free from their partner music site, MP3 Panda.

All you need to do to get this offer is to register with MovieBerry if you haven't already done so and top up your account.

This offer is running until the 30th November, so get it while you can.

Read a review of MP3 Panda, or visit either MP3 Panda or MovieBerry to see the sites for yourself.

MovieBerry Site Changes

MovieBerry have completely changed the way their site works, so old offers and bonuses no longer apply.

The site is no longer a top up service, it is now a monthly subscription service. The site now charges $39.90 a month for unlimited movie downloads.

I have updated this review to reflect the new site, so check out the homepage for more details.

Registration Bonus

Registering with MovieBerry is easy and you would receive a $1.00 deposit into your account; enough for one iPod movie. They have now ended this registration bonus promotion, so if you missed out, better luck next time.

However, you can still get some great deals and bonuses from the site. The minimum top up is $20.00, which will get you 20 iPod movies or 6 HD movies. However, if you top up more than the minimum, you can get some free credit added to your balance:

  • $30.00 gets you $3.00 Free
  • $50.00 gets you $10.00 Free
  • $100.00 gets you $30.00 Free

The site has over 8,070 movies to browse and download, so head there now to make the most of the site.