What is MovieBerry?

MovieBerry LogoWell, if you've read my intro text  way up there, you will kind of know. But for those who have stumbled across this by accident, here is a quick run down:

MovieBerry is a movie download site. Not sure what berries have to do with downloading films, but this is the sister-site of the all-mighty MP3 Panda, so what do I know eh? Berries, Pandas, it all good! Whatever silly name they call it, it's a really fab site to get movies from. And best of all, it's cheap! And I'm a cheap bird so as you can imagine, I'm a happy chappy! On a more serious note, however, movies are very very cheap, with iPod size/quality movies costing just $1.00 each. And you don't have to add money to your MovieBerry account to try them out either, they give you one whole dollar when you register, which is free to do, so you can try out their service. And boy is it a good service!

They have loads of movies to pick from, over 5,200 to be more precise. So what's the con here I hear you ask? Movies may be $1.00 each, but in order to get a movie for a dollar, the site has a minimum top up amount which you must deposit in order to download films. And this minimum is fair, I think, at $20.00. It doesn't expire, it doesn't have to be used up by a certain date, and the only thing that can reduce this balance is you when you download movies. There are no hidden charges. You put on $20.00, you can download 20 iPod films.

So why are you still here reading this boring post? Get over to MovieBerry now to pick up your free trial movie!