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Site Features:

Minimum Topup $29.95
iPod Movie Price $1.30
DivX Movie Price $1.95
HQ DivX Movie Price $2.60
HD Movie Price $3.90
Movie Count 7,700
Payment Methods Visa or MasterCard
Offers Top up $49.95 and get $5 free, top up $99.95 and get $15 free or top up $119.95 and get three months of unlimited downloads
Here you can find everything and anything to do with Movie Berry, such as updates, changes, offers, new movies, you name it, we review about it. Any news on or from the site will be posted here too, so look out for new offers, deals, freebies and more. If there is anything you can't find or want to ask a question, please feel free to contact us or you can find us on twitter.

What is MovieBerry?

MovieBerry is a cheap, safe movie download site where you can download movies and TV shows really cheaply! And it's not just older out-of-date stuff that's offered; the site has new movies, up to date TV shows and is continuously growing.

Qualities, Size and Price

Movies are available in different qualities on the site; HD, DVD, HQ DivX, LQ DivX, iPhone/iPod. Here is a brief outline of what each quality is:
  • iPod: These movies cost $1.30. This quality is small enough for iPods, cell phones, PDA's and anything else you have that is has a small screen.
  • DivX: These movies cost $1.95. This quality is good, it is large enough to be played on an avaerge TV.
  • High-Quality DivX: These movies cost $2.60. This quality is very good, it's better than normal Div-X and can be played on TVs.
  • HD: These movies cost $3.90. High-Definition, this quality is the highest available on the site, the picture is crisp and clear.
How can I buy from the site?

MovieBerry is a top-up or pay-as-you-go service; add an amount to your account balance and use it until it runs out. Then you can top up more once it's gone if you want to. There is a minimum top up amount of $29.95 which applies each time you add more funds to your account.

Payments and Offers

You can pay on the site using Visa or MasterCard and it's very safe and secure. If you want to top up a little more, you can bag yourself some free credit: Top up $49.95 and get $5 free, top up $99.95 and get $15 free or top up $119.95 and get three months of unlimited downloads.

How much selection is there?

MovieBerry has a massive library of TV shows and movies. They have over 7,700 movies, 480 TV series and 20,020 TV episodes to browse and download. The site has loads of ways to browse this massive selection, you can search for anything you want, you can browse using the menus on the site, this includes HD Movies, TV Series, Genres, Actors and loads more. You can also browse by Year and Country.

Using your downloads

So you've used the site and chosen your downloads, what now? All downloads will stay on your MovieBerry account for 48 hours. You will need to download them from the site to your PC within that time. If you don't, they will be removed from your account and you will need to re-purchase them in order to download them. Once you've downloaded all the movies you want, you can now use them for anything you like. Everything from the MovieBerry site can be imported into your iTunes library, burnt to DVDs, used with Windows Media Player or anything else you have.

Using your downloads

MovieBerry is a legal service, as long as the movie and shows you download are for private use only. You cannot distribute or re-sell anything you download.

Earn money with MovieBerry

You can earn money with MovieBerry by putting a link to the site from your website or blog. Click here for more information about the MovieBerry Affiliate Program